Third party liability insurance for foreign registered vehicles.

All foreign registered vehicles travelling in Mozambique are compelled to have Third Party Insurance, underwritten by a Mozambican Insurance Company.

Mozambique does not have a MVA Road Accident Fund as in South Africa. Mozambican authorities need to be assured that if any liability is incurred by the use of foreign vehicles on their roads, there is a Mozambican Insurance Company that will assume liabilities incurred on behalf of the insured.

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About the Hollsure Product

  • Hollsure covers The Insured for any Third Party Liability that might be incurred in Mozambique, caused by or in connection with any vehicle described in the certificate of insurance.
  • The cover extends to both death or bodily injury to any third party, other than to a person employed by the Insured or arising from the course of employment or if the person is a member of the same household.
  • Damage to all property, other than that property that belongs to the Insured.
  • The certificate is valid for 30 days from date of inception noted on the certificate.
  • The limit of liability shall not exceed the limit of R1,000,000 (one million SA Rand) in respect of any one occurrence, unless otherwise stated.


The rates for the following categories of vehicles are:

Commercial VehicleZAR 700
Motor CycleZAR 140
Motor Vehicle Sedan/SUV/LDVZAR 280
Trailer for Commercial VehicleZAR 350
Trailer for Private VehicleZAR 140